Supermelodic Pulp

by Astronauts, etc.

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Dylan Sullivan
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Dylan Sullivan Astronauts, etc. in some of their earliest forms when it was more dream pop than anything. Soft and atmospheric synths carry Anthony's vocals across each track with ease as they seem to glide along. Great release from Astronauts and to this day a favorite in my collection. Favorite track: Mystery Colors.
Weeble Wobble
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Weeble Wobble Wonderful dream pop. Usually not quite my thing but this is real nice.
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Sairsadel Now that I've had this album in my collection for a while and the initial obsessive play-on-repeat has lessened, I find myself listening to it whenever I feel sad, worried or needing comfort. It's very soothing and beautiful, and I'm grateful to Anthony for making it. Favorite track: Foreign Sounds.
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released September 8, 2012

Written, recorded, and mixed by Anthony Ferraro.

Mastered by Bijan Sharifi.

Album cover by Chaz Bundick.


tags: pop pop Oakland


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Astronauts, etc. Oakland, California

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Track Name: Airborne
this is a freedom I won't resign
I'll explode before I drift back down to earth
where's the worth in being bound to something?

feet up off the floor, we're airborne
we're untouchable
I can't bear to wake up
this conscious stuff is kind of ordinary
Track Name: Mystery Colors
you had me
running from the real thing
I didn't even know the difference
now I'm feeling so betrayed

we'd spoken
just the other weekend
outside of someone else's window
now I'm feeling so betrayed

your history
is coming back to educate me
to put me out of place and take me
to another time

we're spending
far too much attention driving
all of our attentions
away from each other

look into the center of the spinning wheel
tell me what you feel, tell me what you feel

new flirtations
and other forms of recreation
I'm in love with foreign places
I'm in love

mystery colors
and things we cannot tell each other
locked inside our heaven's cupboards
pretend that I'm asleep
Track Name: Labyrinth
I could be your labyrinth
you could wander through me again
you could panic and scream again
but I will hold your echoes in

you could be my islander
you could be my poor prisoner
you could wander my shore to shore
and forget about what you're sailing for

you could take what you're saving up
come with us
follow us
we have nothing that's heavy enough
to keep us on our feet

you could be my expatriate
I'll close the borders and keep you in
I just need one more citizen
and you seem like the perfect fit
Track Name: You Can Yell
intimacy is not something you can give away
intimacy is only something you can share with someone else when you are children for a day

intimacy is not something you can yell alone
intimacy is only something you can shout with someone else when you find youth inside your bones
Track Name: Foreign Sounds
you only listen so you can be heard
so you can be witnessed and misunderstood
and I only speak so I can be found
so I can be seized by some foreign sound

by something forbidden when I'm feeling safe
by something confident when I feel ashamed

feed my volition; paint it all red
light it with matches from under your bed
leave it to murmur out in the cold
out in the darkness where nothing is whole

where nothing's forbidden and nothing is safe
and everything's hidden in blankets of shame
don't say you didn't hear what I say